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Why Should You Consider Sponsoring The Show?

Big name software development tool vendors should consider sponsoring The Modern .NET Show for a number of reasons:

  1. Reach: The Modern .NET Show has a strong and growing listener base that is highly engaged with the show’s content. With over 120 episodes released to date, the show has been downloaded more than 500,000 times in over 190 countries. This means that sponsoring the show provides a unique opportunity to reach a wide and diverse audience of software developers who are actively engaged in the .NET community.
  2. Targeted Audience: The Modern .NET Show’s audience is highly targeted, consisting primarily of software developers who are using or interested in using modern .NET technologies, cross-platform development, and cloud hosting. This makes it an ideal platform for vendors who offer products or services related to these areas, as it allows them to directly target their core customer base.
  3. Branding: Sponsoring The Modern .NET Show provides an opportunity for vendors to increase their brand visibility within the .NET community. By associating their brand with a respected and authoritative source of information on .NET development, vendors can establish themselves as thought leaders in the space and build credibility with potential customers.
  4. Cost-Effective: Compared to other forms of advertising, sponsoring a podcast can be a cost-effective way to reach a targeted audience. This is especially true for software vendors who are looking to reach a niche audience of developers who are using or interested in using .NET technologies.

Overall, sponsoring The Modern .NET Show provides a unique opportunity for software development tool vendors to reach a targeted and engaged audience of .NET developers, increase brand visibility, and establish themselves as thought leaders in the space.

Who Are The Target Audience Of The Modern .NET Show?

Our listeners are interested in hearing about .NET, Blazor, ASP.NET Core, and related technologies; they are also interested in JavaScript frameworks, including (but not limited to) Angular, React, Vue, and Svelte. They’ve made the effort to subscribe to the podcast and join the show’s ever expanding community of listeners; they are looking to increase their knowledge of these technologies. But they are also people, and would love to hear about how your product can reduce their daily toil, make them more productive, or help them to be a force multiplier in their organisations.

Your business or product will become synonymous with being at the forefront of those technologies, and will be on the tips of the tongues of the developers who listen.

The Modern .NET Show goes out to over 12,000 unique listeners per episode. This could be your audience, too. The following are our more up to date audience engagement numbers:


Avg. listens per month


Aggregate Listens*


Average listen time1


Total RSS downloads2


Total streams on Spotify3


Total Apple Podcast Plays4


Total hours listened5


Total listeners on Spotify6


Total followers on Spotify7

*: This aggregate is calculated by combining the Total RSS downloads, Total Apple Podcast Plays, and Total streams on Spotify values

1: Average listen time is the based on the percentage of an episode that listeners consume on Apple Podcasts.

2: Our download reports are third-party certified by the IAB through Libsyn (our podcast hosting service). Learn about the difference between downloads and IAB certified downloads here.

3: This is the number of times any episode of the show was played on Spotify, since we first launched.

4: Total Plays is the number of plays reported by Apple Podcasts, since we first launched.

5: Total hours listened is the total time our listeners have spent tuning in to our podcast on Apple Podcasts, since we first launched.

6: This is the number of distinct people on Spotify that have listened to an episode of the show, since we first launched.

7: This is the number of people on Spotify who are currently subscribed to the show.

Please note: "Average listen time", "Total hours listened", "Listeners on Apple Podcasts", and "Total Plays" statistics are reported by Apple, as such only refers to listeners who use the Apple Podcasts app. This number does not include listeners who use other podcast applications (i.e. Spotify) or users with Android devices

Podcast followers across social media:


Followers on Twitter/X


Listeners on Apple Podcasts


Followers on LinkedIn


Subscribers on YouTube

Global reach of listeners, per geographical region:









You can also find out more about our audience engagement, and Jamie (the show’s host), at our press kit.

Do you have a new suite of tools specifically for ASP.NET Core? What about a new IDE? The Modern .NET Show’s audience would love to hear about it.

How Does It Work?

We have a number of different advertising slots available (see: “What Are You Offering?” below), each with very competitive rates based on the very large, engaged target audience that the show receives.

Get in touch with us using the contact form below and we will start a dialogue with you about what your goals are with sponsoring an episode. We will also share with you the episode schedule - we record months of content in advance - so that we can help you pick the most relevant episodes for your message.

We will then take the ad-copy that you supply and record several takes of the host reading it. We will send over the best takes, with example episode content around it, for your approval. Once approved, your message will be included in the episode(s).

Once the episode is out, we will include a thank you tweet similar to the following:

A screenshot of a tweet from The Modern .NET Show twitter account which reads: "Our thanks go out to @datadoghq for sponsoring our most recent episode of the podcast. Give them a try with their free 14-day trial today so you can start monitoring your .NET applications. Learn more at…" followed by a link to their services.

This will be tweeted out with links to your product or service, and attached to the most recent tweet about the episode that you have sponsored.

Discounts are available for bulk purchasing of advertisement spots across multiple episodes. Please contact us for the latest prices, discounts, and offers.

What Are You Offering?

The Modern .NET Show has a range of advertising spots available; including a striking, yet subtle banner across the header of all pages (featuring your business or product name), and in-episode spots.

The banner will be seen by all users who visit the site in order to read the episode transcripts and by those who want to find out more on the episode topics. They’ll also see the banner as they navigate from page to page.

The in-episode advertising slots will be heard by every member of the community of listeners, as they listen through the episode. There are three spots available:

Each advertising spot is a chance for you and your product to be placed directly into the ears and eyes of the people consuming the podcast. Your ad-copy will be read in the episode, and supplied in the episode’s transcription - found on the website’s show notes page for the episode. This will ensure that both listeners and readers will consume your message. Along with the ad-read and copy placed in show notes pages, each sponsor has a mention at the very top of the show notes page (i.e. “above the fold”).

A screenshot of the show notes page for episode 48 of the podcast. The centre of the image contains a list of the sponsors for that episode of the podcast.

In the above image, the sponsors for that episode are shown above the fold, pushing the embedded player towards the bottom of the screen.


Ad-copy for these slots will be included at the very start of the show, and will be the first thing that listeners hear (and readers of the show notes read) when consuming an episode of the podcast. They will be present in the episode ahead of the intro music and the infamous “Hello everyone and welcome to THE .NET Core podcast…” lead line.

Advertising slots for the pre-roll are limited to a maximum of 15 seconds. This means that the first 15 seconds of an episode is dominated by your message, as read by the show host.

Pre-roll ad spots are priced at £150 per episode.


Ad-copy for these slots will be included at the mid point of an episode, during a natural break in the conversation. As the conversation takes a little breathing space, the listener (or reader) will be reminded of your product or service, before we return to the conversation.

Advertising slots for the mid-roll are limited to a maximum of 60 seconds. During these 60 seconds of respite from the heady conversation, the listener will be focussed on your message, as read by the show host.

Mid-roll ad spots are priced at £300 per episode.


Ad-copy for these slots will be included during the conclusion of the episode. After the main content of an episode is completed, and before the host’s wrap up and final thoughts, your message will be put to the listener and their positive sentiment for the episode will be connected with your product or service.

As these come at the end of an episode, they have a maximum length of 90 seconds.

Post-episode ad spots are priced at £150 per episode.

There is a single, full width spot available across all pages. This will be 16px tall (on HD desktop viewports) and can include copy of your choosing (limited to a maximum of 70 characters). It will persist above the content of the page as reader navigates around the website (including appearing above content as the navigate vertically).

Get In Touch

If you would like to work with us to get your message out to our engaged audience of .NET development professionals, please fill in the form below to join our sponsor waiting list. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible in order to get your message out to our engaged audience.

We need an identifier or handle for you, should we read your comment out on the show. This will only be used to read your comment out on the show

We need a way to contact you about your enquiry, and email is easiest for all involved.

Please note: prices included on this page are exclusive of VAT, and that we invoice in GBP

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