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About The Show

The Modern .NET Show is an informative and engaging podcast that covers all things .NET, including modern software development, cross-platform development, cloud hosting, and cutting-edge technologies like Blazor and Avalonia. Hosted by Jamie Taylor, the show features expert guests, engaging content, and a lively format that makes it easy to stay informed and entertained.

With over 150 episodes under its belt, The Modern .NET Show is a go-to source for developers who want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in the industry. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started with .NET, you’ll find plenty of valuable insights and practical tips to help you level up your skills and stay ahead of the curve.

In addition to its informative content, The Modern .NET Show also has a strong and supportive community of listeners who share their feedback, questions, and ideas with the host and each other. So if you’re looking for a fun and engaging way to learn about all things .NET, be sure to tune in to The Modern .NET Show today!

This podcast is created by Jamie Taylor with contributions from developers in the .NET community.

About the Host

Jamie (@podcasterJay)

Jamie Taylor is a Microsoft MVP for Developer Technologies, podcaster, mentor, and consultant with over 14 years of experience in the software development industry.

Jamie’s passion for technology began early on, and he has been pursuing it ever since. He started his career as a software developer, working on a variety of projects that included web applications, desktop applications, and mobile apps. Over time, he honed his skills and became an expert in .NET development, earning him the prestigious Microsoft MVP award for developer technologies.

Along with his work as a developer, Jamie is also a successful podcaster, hosting three popular podcasts, two of which are about software development and modern .NET. His podcasts have become a go-to resource for developers looking to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices in the industry.

Jamie is also deeply committed to giving back to the community. He offers mentoring to developers and apprenticeships to students, and has consulted with colleges and the Department for Education on computer science curricula. He is passionate about helping others succeed in the industry and is always looking for new ways to support and uplift his colleagues.

Jamie’s responsibilities with regards to the podcast are:

It was created in order to help spread knowledge about Microsoft’s .NET technologies via interviews with developers and maintainers of applications and systems created with those technologies.

In the first season, Jamie worked on post-production duties (editing, mastering, etc.). Starting with season two, RJJ Software have provided their podcasting services to the show. You can learn more about their services here.

.NET is a large set of technologies which are designed to allow developers to create applications and services in both the C# (read: “See Sharp”) and F# (read: “Eff Sharp”) programming languages. It can be used to create application types including, but not limited to:

All of the .NET technologies are varied and simple to pick up, but can be difficult to master. Because of this, Jamie wanted to reach out to his developer friends and prominent members of the community in order to have them explain what they are building and maintaining with those technologies, and what they are.

Guests are challenged to explain the technologies and how they have used them in order to build and maintain the applications and services that they have create with them.

About The Audience

The podcast is aimed at developers at all stages of their career and Tech Leads who are looking to learn more about what the different .NET technologies are, and what they can be used to create.

Although the podcast is aimed at developers and other tech workers, it is approachable by learners or listeners who are new to development or Microsoft technologies. Each technology is introduced via examples of the applications and system that have been built with those technologies.

The majority of episode downloads are from US-based IP addresses (25%), with the UK (15%) and Canada (7%) being the next two countries.

The audience is developers, software architects, or development managers - based on a survey of a subset of listeners, and direct feedback that we receive via Twitter and Slack group. The slack group’s members are fans of the show and a small number of previous guests, and the shows twitter account (@dotnetcoreshow) has 3,864 followers (as of May 11th, 2023) and the majority of the followers identify as “.NET Developer” (or similar) in their twitter bios.

The majority of subscribers to the show are looking to find out more information on all .NET related technologies, not just specifically .NET Core. Again, based on the respondents to a listener survey.

Example Audio

Embedded Player

S06E19 - Temporal: Orchestrating Success in Distributed Systems with Security and Simplicity with John Kattenhorn
The .NET Core Podcast

S06E19 - Temporal: Orchestrating Success in Distributed Systems with Security and Simplicity with John Kattenhorn

Example Video

Each episode is automatically uploaded to YouTube as well as the RSS feed, meaning that listeners can “watch” the episodes. At the time of writing, the video portion is a still image (see the images section below for examples). The following is an embedded player for the latest episode of the podcast on YouTube:

A number of episodes also have teaser videos which are posted to Twitter and LinkedIn (see the Show Links section for links to those) up to a week before the episode is due to be released. The following is an example of a teaser video:

Podcast Schedule

New episodes are released on a fortnightly basis, on Friday mornings at 08:00 (UK time). All episodes are released to Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes), Google Podcasts, Spotify, Podchaser, and almost any podcast app. The podcast can also be consumed directly via the RSS feed, allowing for the use of RSS feed readers.

Transriptions, for both the hearing impaired and community members who prefer to search episode content, are provided in the shows notes for each episode. Episode level show notes can be found at the podcast website.


The Modern .NET Show is free to access and consume, as it is funded by the host. Community members can support the production of the show via Patreon and Buy Me a Coffee. Patreon supporters can consume episodes early, suggest topics, and participate in Ask-Me-Anything style questions and answer sessions with the host.

Reviews of the Show

Podchaser Reviews

This is a great show and very, very enjoyable. Besides the excellent choice of guests and topics, most remarkable is Jamie’s (the host) ability to show his genuine curiosity about his interview partners and what they have to say. It’s very contagious. I’ve listened to topics that won’t cross my mind, and I don’t regret it. He has done a great job, and it is my to be a Patreon.

Thanks for this amazing podcast.
Ton of information from a host that truly loves the subject.

Both the longer interview style episodes, as well as the shorter “here’s a thing you may not know about”/“feature overview” episodes are great! .net core being an emerging technology, it’s nice having a podcast dedicated to it :)

Love this show, fantastic content and the host is thorough and entertaining. 5 Thumbs up!

…errr, 2 - I suppose. I only have 2 thumbs to put up. Sorry for the waffle!

Apple Podcasts Reviews


Been a developer for twenty years the stackoverflow chat was very insightful being from the U.K. myself had no idea most their team was based here loved the conversation be safe everyone.

- david43ni via Apple Podcasts
"Good listen"

I have been listening since I hear it was coming out on the Coding Blocks podcast. It always has great content and interesting topics. You can tell Jamie geeks out about the content sometimes but I think it just draws you in more. Some of the information I learned on this podcast has made me an avid promoter of .net core and I have used it to convince my employer to let me write our new apps in .net core.

- Jla115 via Apple Podcasts
"The Best .NET Core Podcast out there!"

Okay, so the name is really a bit of a joke given this is THE .NET Core Podcast, but jokes aside, I love this podcast. The host really manages to get some good talks about topics I care to learn about. I’m hoping to dive deep enough into PowerShell Core to have enough talking points to get an interview myself cough. Give the show a listen, if you live in the .NET world, you’ll absolutely enjoy it!

- rbleattler via Apple Podcasts
"If you do .net do yourself a favour and listen to this"

You might be busy with the day job. Writing WPF or supporting an ASP.NET app that hasn’t needed to make the leap. You know the switch to .net core is coming. But when is it coming for you. This podcast is great to get your feet wet without getting into the weeds that frustrates so many of us that are busy. #recommended.

- mikerg87 via Apple Podcasts
"Great Addition to the .net core community"

I am particulary enjoying this podcast! it’s great to catch something in the early days. I’m sure this podcast is going to continue to grow!

- Gary woodfine via Apple Podcasts
"Short and excellent"

Loved all the episodes. Quality is great both content and audio. Very well presented with well known guests.

- Workouter BB via Apple Podcasts


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