The Modern .NET Show


The Modern .NET Show is indeed just that: a podcast. As such, you can follow it with your favourite podcatcher.


For folks who use Podcatcher apps (like PocketCasts, Radio Public, etc.) then you should be able to find the show by searching for it. To make things easier, I’ll include a number of links to the podcast on each service below. Essentially, click on the icon for your Podcatcher of choice:

Note: Google Podcasts requires v8.0 or higher of the Google Search app on an Android device.

Listen Via the Web

Each episode has a set of show notes - in the form of a blog post on this site. And each set of show notes has an embedded player, which will allow you to listen to the episode via the show notes.

The following control contains a player and all of the episodes of the podcast, so that you can listen to them without browsing anywhere else:


You should be able to add this RSS feed into any app which supports podcast playback (i.e. VLC Player or gPodder) to start listening right now.

Follow the show

You can find the show on any of these places