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Episode Transcription

Hello everyone and welcome to THE .NET Core podcast - the only podcast which is devoted to:

  • .NET Core
  • ASP.NET Core
  • EF Core
  • SignalR

and not forgetting The .NET Core community, itself.

I am your host, Jamie "GaProgMan" Taylor, and this is episode 15: Geeking Out About .NET Core with Dave Rael. In this episode I interviewed Dave Rael about .NET Core tooling, developing applications on Windows but using Linux to host them, and just how wonderful the .NET Core CLI is. Some of you may know Dave Rael from his podcast: Developer on Fire or the many talks he does in and around Denver.

So lets sit back, open up a terminal, type in dotnet new podcast and let the show begin.

Dave Rael Introduction

The formulation that I like to use when I introduce myself is:

  • Dad
  • Husband
  • Podcaster
  • Software guy

And my bios all embellish on that to varying degrees in different ways. But that's the core; I think those are the priorities, in the right priority order, that are the things that matter to me.

So those three kids, right, that offspring that I have produced, those along with my wife, we've created these little humans. It's remarkable to me the things that they can do.

I was just thinking this morning about my oldest daughter. She used to be this little baby that we brought home from the hospital. This helpless thing that we did everything for. She's twelve years old now and does almost everything for herself, and it's a really remarkable thing.

Those are the things that really matter to me.

As far as the podcast goes, as you mentioned Jamie, Developer on Fire is my show. And the gist, the idea is that there are several podcasts that talk about tech and about software development. I wanted to create a show that was about developers more than it's about development. So the idea is sharing stories, lessons learned, and just getting into the experiences. Because I think there's a lot to learn there. And we get to know the programmers out there a little bit better as well.

Wrapping Up

That was my interview with Dave Rael. I think you'll agree that the .NET Core CLI really is a first class citizen

it's a shame that Visual Studio is a pseudo-second class citizen, but that's slowly changing

And if you haven't tried out the CLI, then I feel like you really should. Once the barrier to entry - which Dave mentions is all about discoverability - is broken, you'll find that you're much faster at interacting with your code bases.

Be sure to check out the show notes for a bunch of links to some of the stuff that we covered, and a collection of text snippets from the interview. The show notes, as always, can be found at dotnetcore.show.

And don't forget to spread the word, leave me a rating or review on your podcatcher of choice, and to come back next time for more .NET Core goodness.

I will see you again real soon. See you later folks.