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If you’re enjoying this show and would like to support it in some way, this is the page for you. You’ll find a number of ways (most of them free) to support the show and grow it’s audience. If we can grow the audience, I’ll have an easier time booking bigger guests, and a much easier task of explaining my time spent on the show.

Free Ways To Support The Show

The most trivial ways of supporting the show are the free ones. These free ways take the form of telling people about the show. You could tell them about the website (that you’re reading right now!) or perhaps sending them a link to an episode that you particularly enjoyed (all of the episodes are on the website, with embedded players and full transcriptions).

Other ways that you can support the show without any cost to you:

Word of mouth and reviews is how podcasts achieve longevity, and I really want to keep doing this show for everyone in the community. So, if you’re able to shout out about the show, in whatever way works for you, I’d be greatly appreciative.

Non-Free Ways To Support The Show

There are a few ways that you can, should you wish, support the show in a non-free way. This show is created for the community, and it is created at cost.

I’ve been transparent about the cost of creating the show in the past - scroll down to “Transparency” - but the tl;dr is that each episode costs around $150 (US) to create and put out there. I’m more than happy to foot that bill, but I might have to rely on sponsors every now and then to keep the lights on.

Any sponsor money, along with any monetary support from listeners, goes directly into paying for the podcast and related services (check the transparency link for a rough breakdown of the costs). At no point does any of the sponsor or listener support money go to me, it goes directly into paying for the podcast.

As such I’m entirely grateful for anyone who wishes to send any of their hard earned money to support the show.

Please note: supporting the show in a non-free way is in NO WAY REQUIRED in order to continue enjoying the show


You may remember this from the start of most episodes:

The Modern .NET Show is supported by our listeners who have become patrons. To a see a full list of the patrons, or to join them, head over to

Patreon is a service which allows you to set up an ongoing, monthly payment of between $1 and $7 (in tiers) to support the show. All patrons (as of 2019) get early access to all episodes, regardless of their chosen support tier.

Supporting the show via Patreon is entirely voluntary, but greatly appreciated.

Please consider clicking the button below to become a patron:

I would like to thank the following patrons for their support in keeping the podcast running, it’s through their wonderful patronage that I’m able to keep the show ad-free.

Buy Me a Coffee

Unlike Patreon, which is an ongoing commitment to support the show, Buy Me a Coffee is a one-time payment to help support it.

I fully appreciate that not everyone wants to or has the ability to make a commitment to pledge an amount in the form of monthly support. The “Buy Me A Coffee” page allows listeners to buy virtual coffee’s, and once Buy Me A Coffee have taken a percentage, the rest of the money goes directly to paying for the show.

If you would like to buy me a coffee, you can do so by clicking the following button:

I greatly appreciate anyone who is willing to support the show via donating a dollar or two.

Thank You

In whatever way you choose to support the show, I want to make it clear that it’s greatly appreciated. Your support (either by spreading the name of the show or by throwing us a few bucks) makes a huge difference and means a great deal to me.

So thank you.

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