Leave Us a Review

Reviewing podcasts is a great way to support them wihtout having to open your wallet. But why should you write a review? Well, there are two reasons:

  1. You can provide direct, and very public, feedback to the podcast creator
  2. Most podcatchers use ratings and reviews as a way of suggesting shows to listeners

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Direct Feedback

Letting me know what you think of the podcast will help me to figure out what - if anything - I can do to improve your experience with the podcast. I mean, hopefully I don't need to do anything; but let me know either way.

Helping Others To Find The Show

Lets say that you're looking through the Apple Podcasts - formally known as iTunes Podcasts - page for the show. At the bottom of the page, there's a section called "Listeners also subscribed to". The content here is powered by the subscriptions that folks who listen to the show have. BUT Apple Podcasts only picks out relevant shows with - and here's the key point - good ratings and reviews.

But what are good ratings? Technically, anything with 3 stars or above and a review showing "positive sentiment"

With that said, please take a few moments to review the show on a podcatcher of your choice. Don't use Apple Podcasts? That's fine, the show is on a number of different podcatchers which allow user-submitted reviews. Clicking any of the following buttons will take you to the review page for the show on that particular service: