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A Quick Update

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A Quick Update
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A Quick Update

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Episode Transcription

Hello everyone and welcome to THE .NET Core podcast - the only podcast which is devoted to:

and not forgetting The .NET Core community, itself.

I am your host, Jamie “GaProgMan” Taylor, and this is a quick update. This episode is more of a quick update on some things relating to the show itself, rather than a full blown episode, interview or monologue.

So let’s sit back, open up a terminal, type in dotnet new podcast and let the show begin.


You might be wondering why there is a new episode appearing in your feeds so soon. No, we’re not going back to weekly episodes just yet. Essentially, I wanted to release a quick update on some things relating to the podcast.

Firstly, the show isn’t going away. Far from it, in fact. We’ve actually blown through the point where most podcasts do a thing called “podfading” - which is what happens when a podcast fades away into obscurity. Most shows that don’t make it to 20 episodes, eventually fade into the background. But that’s not happening here because we just launched episode 23 last week (as of recording).

Although the podcast isn’t going away, I will point out that there will be no new episodes this month. For those who haven’t been keeping up with me on Twitter, I’m about to leave for a vacation in Japan. As such, I’ll be away from my computer for the entire time that I’m there - it’s just over two weeks: door to door. Because of that, I won’t have the time or ability to record any new episodes.

Pro tip: folks who subscribe to the newsletter learnt about last night (as of recording), so it might be worth signing up for that; which you can do here

I will say this though: I have the next six or seven episodes recorded and ready for editing, so it’s not like I’m lost for content at all. I can let you all know that there are some pretty cool topics coming up:

to name just a few.

On the subject of the mailing list, Manning Publishing have given me a whole stack of free book codes to giveaway, which I’ll be raffling off via the mailing list. So do join it if you’re at all interested in:

As I have codes for books (in e-book format) on those topics to give away, and will be doing so when I get back from my vacation.

On the subject of stats and growth, I just wanted to point out a tweet that I sent out at the beginning of this month. It’s a little braggy, but I’m super proud of it:

And all of that is down to all of you wonderful listeners. Seriously, the show would be nothing without the advice and input that you all give (and there are plenty of listeners who don’t give me any feedback - and that’s fine, too).

On that subject (and the only time I’ll bring up the Patreon, other than to say a massive thank you to the folks who support the show via that), I recently went through and changed the tiers on the Patreon page. Click through the to the page to see the details, but (at the time of recording) certain tiers of patrons can now submit AMA style questions, and I’ll make them into podcast episodes that only they will hear.

If you’re listening to this episode within a few weeks of it going out and are in the UK, then you’ll likely be interested to know that I’ll be speaking at some events soon.

On Thursday April 25th, I’ll be at Moving North: Tech Innovation’s .NET Core Event in Leeds, and I’ll be speaking on The History of .NET, and how (and some of the why) we went from .NET to .NET Core. It’s a brand new meetup for the Leeds area, specifically about .NET Core, and the organisers describe it as:

This is a FREE event created for .NET Developers, Architects and Leaders who are interested in modern development with .NET Core. We also love modern software architecture and design with DDD, CQRS, Event Sourcing, Functional Programming, Microservices, Docker, K8s and much more.

The aim of this event is to have an open discussion, enabling us to share knowledge and have healthy technical debates in the hope that everybody comes away from this event having learnt something.

There will be 3 key speakers – a Senior Developer/DevOps Manager, Development Manager/Architect and a CTO so there is something for everybody who wants to understand .NET Core better.

And just a few short weeks are that, n Tuesday May 7th, 2019 I’ll be giving a talk at dotnetsheff, in Sheffield (UK). The talk I’ll be giving will be called “Blazor: You Want to Run .NET Where?!” and is very similar to one that I gave at Umbraco Festival UK, and one which will be appearing in your podcatchers very soon.

I’m looking to do more talks in the future, so if you’re at all interested in having me speak at your event, then please get in touch. The best way is to follow me on Twitter and send me a DM (they’re always open).

Wrapping Up

That was my first quick update on the podcast. Please remember that there wont be any new episodes this month, but that the podcast isn’t going away. We all have to have a little vacation time every now and then, right?

Reach out to me over Twitter, my DMs are always open, and let me know what you think of the podcast. And don’t forget to spread the word: leave a rating or review on your podcatcher of choice, and to come back next time for more .NET Core goodness.

I will see you again real soon. See you later folks.

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